10 Aug 2017 SME List for Sale: AI SMEs in the UK
03 Sep 2017 SME List for Sale: 500 Engineering SMEs
29 Sep 2017 SME List for Sale: New SMEs added in 2017

The Gibson Index contains profiles on some 70,000 early stage start-ups, University spinouts, SME veterans, technology-led consultancies and business partnerships. It forms the world’s first comprehensive national small company database of any major nation.

The index is the result of an intensive research project by the writer and author Marcus Gibson, a prolific contributor to The Financial Times newspaper, and his team of researchers and correspondents from around the UK – in a project started more than 10 years ago.

It seeks to highlight the UK’s unique treasure store of small technology companies - which is one of the most important but least understood ‘Crown Jewels’ of the British economy.

Subscribers to the database include UK Government organizations, blue chip British companies, academic institutions, finance houses and economic development organizations keen to keep in touch with the fast moving world of technology and small SME in the UK.



Latest Sets and Categories of UK SMEs – now for sale.


Gibson Index compiles sets of UK SMEs of unrivalled quality and depth. Here are our newest groups of high quality companies, all profiled in depth..

1) Artificial Intelligence SMEs in the UK:

- A unique survey of the SMEs, university spinouts and startups that have been formed in the past few years with a strong focus on AI software, products and applications, including, for example, Mind Foundry Ltd, and, drawn from firms UK wide.

Cost: £280 + VAT.

- Total Number of SMEs in the Set: 53.

2) ENG500: the gold medal list of the UK’s very best 500 smaller, less well known engineering and manufacturing companies, including materials star Blacktrace Holdings, auto component firm ABT Loadmac Ltd, and multiple product manufacturer Samuel Taylor Ltd.

Cost: £1,800 + VAT.

- Total Number of SMEs in the Set: 500.

3) Companies Added to Gibson Index database: first six months of 2017

- SMEs include fast-performing established companies as well as newly emerging companies, compiled from across the UK, and involved in one of 52 trade sectors.

Cost: £950 + VAT.

- Total Number of SMEs in the Set: 760.

4) Mobile Services and Software SMEs in the UK:

The UK’s definitive list of mobile-related companies, ranging from mobile telecoms and engineering equipment manufacturers, mobile app authors, mobile software services, as well as a clutch of world class research agencies. These include engineering firm Bullitt Group Ltd, BulkSMS Ltd, mobile website creators This Place Ltd, and retailer Mobile Fun Ltd.

Cost: £1,200 + VAT.

- Total Number of SMEs in the Set: 610.

5) Cancer Research and Immunotherapy SMEs in the UK:

The UK ranks second only to the US in terms of advanced cancer therapies, and most promising are breakthrough technologies in immunotherapy. Companies profiled in this set include Adaptimmune Therapeutics, Scancell Holdings, and recent startup IOmet Pharma in Scotland.

Cost: £375 + VAT.

- Total Number of SMEs in the Set: 42.

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